Saturday, April 22

A plague on all our houses

Dear Diary, 

The sky was dark again today. It reminds me of an impending storm, and sure enough people walk around with umbrellas, as if they expect rain to come pouring down. The truth is, it's been many years since anyone has felt a cool drop fall from the sky. There is a storm that hangs overhead, but it is nowhere connected to water. Soon the frogs will fall-a plague upon all our houses. We were warned before, but did anyone listen? I tried to leave the city, but the clouds just followed me. An ever-expanding blackness, promising to stretch out until the ends of the earth, so I turned back. Better to face the unknown from the vantage point of home. The worst part is waiting. Waiting for that first disgusting “plop” which you know is coming. Maybe the umbrellas do provide protection. 

This piece of micro-fiction was written in response to Saturday Mix at Mindlovemisery's Menangerie


  1. Oh my .. quite biblical and hopefully not prophetic (thought perhaps we do deserve it)! Loved your imaginative write!

    1. Thank you! Thanks for stopping by, Georgia!

  2. Oh, the fearful thoughts of a modern day Pharaoh resigned to his fate. What a creative response.