Thursday, November 3

The Cat

It was late at night and my husband and I had been asleep for some time when he wakes me asking, "do you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"I think there is a cat inside our room."

I sat up, confused, but craned my ears to listen. We don't own a cat, but there are several strays in our neighborhood. I pondered the possibility of one of the strays slipping in to our home some how.


"There it is!" he shouted.


"The meow, I meant. I didn't see a cat."

"Well, turn on the lights," I directed.

My husband moved to turn on the bedside lamp, but the room remained dark. "The bulb must have burnt out."

"I'll turn on the bathroom light then," I offered and swung my feet to the floor. When I went to stand, however, I did not feel the cool of the ceramic floor. My feet grazed upon something soft.

"Ah!" I shouted, taken by surprise. "I think it went under the bed!

By this time, my husband had reached the bathroom and was attempting to turn on the light.

"Jess, the bathroom lights are out too. There must be something wrong with the fuse."


"Ugh, let's go look at it then. We'll never find the cat with the lights out like this."

My husband and I ventured downstairs to where the fuse box is, but when we got there, there were obvious signs of obtrusion and tampering. Concerned for our safety, we exited our house and called the police.

When the police arrived, they went in the house and searched the premise. While it appeared nothing had been touched, in the bedroom they made the most unusual discovery. Beneath our bed was a bearded dead man. In his paltry, stone-cold hands lay a knife and the police identified him as the beard-face burglar who had been terrorizing the local community in recent news. Most unusual of all was his cause of death-it appeared as if a small, cat-like creature had mauled the man to death.

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