Monday, November 7


I usually don't go for a second cup of coffee. The first one is necessary, but the second goes straight to my nerves. Yet, here I sat, nursing a tall caramel macchiato at the Starbucks near my house. I tried hard to concentrate on what he was telling me.

"Your fiance, his family had money, no? I believe this is the reason they took him."

"Wait, what? Liam and I were not engaged. And what do you mean they took him?" I asked.

Anthony chewed on his knuckle, eyes red, looking like he was going to cry.

"They took him. They had to. I didn't want to believe it, but now I know it is true."

I tried to make sense of the situation. The truth is, while the time Liam and I were together had accounted for the most blissful and romance filled 8 months of my life so far, we had lived in this sort of alternate universe. A place where no one interfered in our love, our romance, our euphoric seclusion.

We had met in the most unconventional way-our orders had gotten mixed up at a taco truck and rather than get pissed at the owner, we sorted it out ourselves and had an impromptu first date. We exchanged numbers and started a thing-a good thing which may have blinded me of the number 1 reason for dating: getting to know someone.

What did I know about Liam? Handsome. Well-spoken. Romantic. Thoughtful.There wasn't a single police-report worthy fact I could jot down. What an idiot! I smacked my palm up against my forehead.

"Miss, I know you are upset, but please, you must be strong. I know we can get him back."

I let my eyes see the man in front of me. Who is this Anthony? The only time Liam had talked about him was on his way to the bus stop. "I hope Anthony's on the bus today," he'd say. "Gotta talk to Anthony," he'd mutter. And yet, I felt compelled to trust him. For Liam. Yes. For Liam, a man who I wasn't even completely sure I really knew anymore.

"How can I help?" I heard myself say.

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