Tuesday, November 1

Secret Inspiration

It takes a certain amount of bravery to just start typing away, carefully crafting a story to share. So, I suppose I fancy myself brave for embarking on this journey. Today is November 1st, the first day of NanoWrimo (National Novel Writing Month), and while I do not venture to write an entire novel, or even a novella, I will attempt 30 days of dirty writing. That means, no hours of endless editing, or beating myself up if the words don't flow. I'm not even going to give myself a daily word count. I am just promising myself to write. Every day. For 30 days. Kind of like a reverse fast, where instead of abstaining, I give in and hopefully rediscover the writer who I thought I was.

I think that's enough writing for today. But I can't end this post without a thank you to my secret inspiration. Your words were the catalyst to this all.  

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