Wednesday, November 2

I didn't think I'd get on here tonight. While some might consider it still early, starting to blog at 8:47 pm is cutting it close for me. I am not much of a night owl. It is the morning sun that I live for, much to the chagrin of many of my coworkers. I practically bounce into work each morning, no matter what the day promises or threatens. I love mornings-they are full of hope. 

Hope. That's something we are all a little short of these days, isn't it? Without it, we are filled with dread. You can either hope for the best or dread the worst. I choose hope. I hope tomorrow is an "easy" day-little worries, no friction. I hope our next president doesn't bring on World War III or something worse. I hope my life will mean something to someone. 

Well, that's enough for today. I think I'm building stamina. Maybe tomorrow I'll write a bit more. Tschüss!  

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