Tuesday, November 8

Election Day

Ok. So I think I am falling into a pattern this month... one day I write fiction, the next day I write truth. I can work with that. Now, I should state that this is simply an observation and that I make no promises. I might write a shitty haiku tomorrow. I. Don't. Know. Whatever.

Today was election day. I woke up early, selected a dress which I deemed patriotic, and went to exercise my freedom to vote. I found the whole experience to be exciting and a little nerve wrecking. Walking around with brown skin sometimes feels like a hazard. It went well. Nobody harassed me, unless you count the woman who was practically on my heels, behind me in line, or a snobby look here and there. Microaggressions like that don't really count, since you don't really know whether you're just being extra sensitive and if maybe its all in your head. But even if they did exist, I voted regardless. Take that!

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