Wednesday, November 25

Thanksgiving Poem

More than a long weekend
or the kickoff to Christmas
More than turkey and pumpkin pie
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday
not because of the Macy's parade
or football on TV
That's all great,
the relatives too
all gathered together from near and far
and the music playing in the kitchen
as the mashed potatoes get beaten
and the feeling of satisfaction
passing over you like a wave
after that last bite
These are not the reasons why I love Thanksgiving
They're only the beginning
of explaining the privilege of
saying Thank You.

Sunday, November 15

Its all there...waiting for me
I stand at the threshold of despair
But they're just dishes!
Yeah, right
Just the dishes
Just the laundry
Just the groceries to be bought and put away
Just the toilets to be scrubbed and shined
Just chores
Just my life
Squandered away
in a routine of tasks
better delegated to robots

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Monday, November 9

I never thought
I'd get this far
not by traveling by foot or car

But here I am
today I stand
where yesterday it seemed so grand

And now I know
It's not so great
it's simply life-without debate