Sunday, June 15

A Masked Man with a Plan

Not To Be Reproduced, 1937, Rene Magritte 

He looked into the mirror. Was his disguise complete? Was he incognito enough? If his plan was to work, it was imperative that no one should recognize his face. He was a marked man, his face having featured on millions of posters and advertisements throughout the country. Though his name was still unknown to the masses, his face had become the symbol of dread.

Having decided that the guise was sufficient for his ploy, Germilio stuck the mint plan book in his jacket pocket and set out on his subterfuge. Tonight, retribution would rain from the sky.

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Sunday, June 8

The Cassette

Set in motion and winding on, the ancient cassette recorder hummed behind me. I knew the voices on it were key to unraveling the mystery which engulfed me presently, and yet, it took great efforts to sit on the lone chair in the room and tune my ears to their tales. It felt strange, to finally find a match to those faces I had long studied and marked as the conspirers and murderers of the late Professor Jacobs. And yet, when I listened, I did not hear the voice of murderers. There wasn't the faintest trace of a homicidal tendencies in any of the three voices that chimed in and out of conversation like a haphazard ballet.

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Thursday, June 5


For all its worth, language fails
I'll run off a cliff, hoping to fly
and when the words don't catch
I plummet downwards

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Tuesday, June 3

Surgery: Hope Augmentation

It doesn't matter anyways. I've lived this life long enough to know it. Our cities reek of corruption. What is the point of engaging in civil disobedience? I think I will just sit here and cry.

No! Don't say that! You cannot give up hope. You must keep dreaming. Did you know all children are born full of hope? It is only with age that the hope begins to slowly seep out of them. But we can stop this aging process. If  the stroke of a pen can grant rich women the tools to remain young forever-breast implants, rhytidectomies, abdominalplasties, labiaplasties, then can't we believe that we can preserve something far more precious than that?

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