Saturday, May 24

The Safest Place I've Ever Known

Danger lurks in every corner of this house.
It creeps through every crevice,
leaving me unhinged from safety,
vulnerable and void.
So I creep into my mother’s arms
and settle on her lap.
I snuggle up to her praying chest
and let the fears be cast away.

Here, I am safe. 

Poetry Challenge: Words Count
Shared at: Imaginary Garden 


  1. Ah, what a heart-warming response to the safest place challenge. There is something undeniably comforting about a loving lap.

  2. Such a nice place to find comfort.. it has been a while.. but in my dreams that place still exist.

  3. This makes me miss my mommy. :(

  4. From "unhinged" to the "praying chest," I love this poem. I remember feeling that way myself when we lived in a huge house. I'm lucky to still have my Mom,

  5. My youngest, 6, still finds my arms and lap a safe haven. It comforts me as well…

  6. the safest place god created for us....

  7. mother's lap which will always be our refuge from adversities of the world

  8. I love where this prompt took you, the mother's praying arms, the safest place to be ~

  9. A safe place. We all need those. Well done.