Sunday, May 18


Edward Hopper, 1922 

"Now, of course, Roy. I wouldn't want to impose on you. It'll only be for a couple of days."

"Cream? Lois?"

"What? Yes, please. But wouldn't you consider it? Think of it as a favor to your Dear Aunt Ruby. You know how much she adores you."

Roy retreated into his chair. "I fail to see which part of letting a 16-year-old run away stay with his Bachelor cousin in New York, is a favor. Why, I ought to have whipped your backside and sent you packing on the first train to Lansdale as soon as you as you set foot in this town."


"Now, don't you start your crying with me! I've got enough trouble as it is at work. Rumor has it, something big is about to go down and I've got to put my full attention to it. My suggestion is, that you go home and face whatever trouble drove you here. Running away never solves anything."

Lois cast her eyes downward. "Yes. I suppose so."

"What's a stay in the big apple going to do for you anyways? Go home. Your mother is worried sick about you."

Not as worried sick as she'll be if she finds out about this, Lois thought, letting her hands rest on her belly.

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  1. Oh, my! That will be surprise.

    Thanks for stopping by to visit.

    Have a wonderfully creative week.

  2. Yes...that would be a very big surprise indeed but not one that could be hidden for too long. This was a nice little read...good take on the Magpie. Cheers from Oz

  3. A good surprise certainly. Wonderful write Charleen!


  4. Well written. The dialogue is sharp and real. A clever jab at the end, too. Very nice.

  5. An interesting start for the story!

  6. Excellent...I liked the surprise ending...

  7. Oh.. yes, and soon there will be apparent for Roy that what's really about to happen..

  8. That's a neat little poke (excuse the pun) at the end! Very nicely told through dialogue, very entertaining.

  9. Too much cake and cream , i suppose ...

  10. This is an interesting twist on the prompt. Very clever!