Monday, May 26

Memorial Day

This a day to demand change
a word marred by our current president
cursed as the word may be
on being profaned
it is still the tonic that'll heal our land
Can we change that we mourn
for those lost in wars?
Can we change that our sons and daughters were pawns
in a war played by monied richlings?
The honest hold fast to a hope that their deaths
were as honest as the hope that they hold
But truth be told today and tomorrow
about the wars of yesterday and today
Death came uneventfully
Death came with shame
Death came senselessly
knocking at our doors
stealing our youth
while locked away in ivory towers
men stood looking asunder
drinking champagne and laughing

Shared At Imaginary Garden


  1. Every one has a different view of war. You've written your side wonderfully.

  2. Wars are always painful, but for some they are not, beautifully brought out.......

  3. There is such a big divide between the men of power and the ones who work in the service of the same country.

  4. I have often thought that if those in the top echelon had to do the actual fighting, they might think twice about engaging in war. Especially powerful: Can we change that our sons and daughters were pawns
    in a war played by monied richlings?

  5. Indeed.. and still when we elect them we put these men in power... always...

  6. Lots of truth here, Charleen. Actually most of our elected officials do the biding of the big businesses and the banks, conveyed by the lobbyists. They have no choice but pass it down if they are to remain in office.

  7. Wonderful poem for Memorial Day ---our saddest holiday because we attempt to honor those who died in wars fought for others. We attempt to honor them, but it is an impossible task, for they are gone and can't hear us.