Tuesday, May 27

In the Act

I do the dishes,
slowly passing the glass plate
under the stream of water,
The water pours-
a tiny storm in my sink.
A sound at the door,
A shadow falls on me
I'm caught making love again.

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  1. The water pours-
    a tiny storm in my sink... ah that, and the last line, I'm caught making love again... very romantic; makes me wonder, was the person making love behind her partner's back? leaves a lot of questions... nice

  2. hey,
    doing the dishes in my house leads to making love.
    so i dont mind be caught doing them.

  3. That last line caught me with surprise... Brian's comment made is one interpretation.

  4. Dishes hey...you can always get caught with a storm in your sink! Cool write!

  5. The ending was unexpected but hey its a good thing, smiles ~

  6. hmm..makes me wonder whom you were doing dishes with or for?
    interesting write as it leaves a few questions lingering in the sink..

  7. Very clever and sensitive writing. Nice!

  8. Hmm...my space out and get away is at the sink with this mesmerizing pour of water and yes, sometimes...it's like making love in a way. I enjoyed this.

    I have a serenity cling sticker...a small one on the window and on the sill, a periwinkle shell, stone and a little cube with the image of prayer hands encapsulated in it...yes, dishes is a place for love where I am.

  9. Brilliantly done, this one - smiles.

  10. Like the storm in the sink and the reverie.

  11. Very interesting how the build up ended in such wonderful happenings. Great write Charleen!