Wednesday, April 16

Traveling Down a Fog Filled Road

Round the curve on a fog-filled night
Searching and seeking for a light
When suddenly a face appears
Inducing horrors and bone-chilling fears

The inanimate image of Baphomet
Standing tall-an insentient threat
The goat-headed symbol of the occult
Mocking the traveler, a perverse insult

Then with a glance, it all disappears
As we go wiping our impassioned tears
We ask ourselves questions about the spook
Was the demon real or a shadow's fluke?

Shared at Three Word Wednesday


  1. Well put.The mind creates the things we fear sometimes

  2. Nah! He's real alright just a gentle reminder for you.

  3. I think real..if we can imagine it, it is so! what an engaging poem..really left me with a sense of wonder

  4. this reminds me of scary stories and legends about demons and such. great writing!

    stacy lynn mar

  5. I might just stay home, by the log fire, if you don't mind.