Monday, April 21

La Flor Roja-Un Poema en Español (The Red Flower- A Poem in Spanish)

La Flor Roja

Andando por un camino
con una flor me encontre
era roja como la sangre
pero tierna como la amanecer 

Recogi esa flor roja
poniendola como horquilla en el pelo
esperando que en esa dulcura 
encontraría deseado consuelo 

Porque cada dia ando 
buscando paz para mi corazon
la paz se fue volando
cuando usted me abandono 

The Red Flower

English Translation:

Walking down a path
I crossed ways with a flower
It was as red as blood
but tender like dawn

I picked up that red flower
and placed it like a pin in my hair
hoping that in this sweetness
I'd find the comfort I desired

Because each day I walk
looking for peace for my heart
since Peace took off flying
the day you abandoned me


  1. The little things we do to comfort ourselves... The words "blood", "tender" and "pin" stand out for me like dew drops on your flower.

  2. tender blood, pinned to your hair… fascinating

  3. We find comfort in doing...even if it is a blood colored rose pinned in our hair...beautiful

  4. the words, images are beautifully sad and sharp....

  5. Somehow I loved reading the original Spanish, even though I've never learned the language! I can 'hear' its sounds, which intrigue me, and because of the collected knowledge I have of French, Latin and Italian (in varying amounts), much of it I could understand on some level before I read the translation - which in itself was beautiful. Thank you. :-)

  6. the turn in the last verse is surprising and then, on re-reading, not surprising. well-penned ~