Tuesday, April 22

Home Away From Home

Mom always took us grocery shopping 
a week before The trip
we'd load up the cart with goodies
single-serve boxes of sugary cereal
Frosted Flakes and Apple Jacks
Ho Hos and Twinkies
Slim Jims and Fritos
It was all within our grasp
All because in 7 short days
we'd be riding past red-rock mountains
zooming through fields of corn
and camping out with bandit raccoon
on our way to visit family whose names I did not know
Who could trust a grocer in Kentucky?
And wouldn't they be racist in Georgia?
What if there was no food for miles around
during our enduring voyage to Florida?
It'd be our comfort on the dank days
when the RV broke down
waking me with sticky hair clinging to my face
waiting for hours for a repair to snap up
A welcome routine on mornings away from home
Siting around a small Formica table
knocking elbows with everyone
I'd take a spoonful of my colored cereal
and know I was home away from home.

Shared at dVerse.


  1. Formica tables and Apple Jacks... those were the days.

  2. funny what comforts us when we are away, and how family makes anyplace home.

  3. pulled me in with that first line and held me throughout. well penned ~

  4. ah.. what a splendid road-trip.. enjoyed all the details...

  5. Ah! Home away from home, that's such a great ending. Enjoyed your poem.

  6. This reminded me of days in the holiday trailer as a child - lovely addition to Poetics. Thanks for joining us.

  7. This really took me along for the ride ...and I liked how it came back to the colored cereal and "home away from home.

  8. An evocative memory! We too stocked up as if going away meant leaving stores and all. I thought about that recently when I did the same for a recent vacation, as if camping were the only possibility. And all that processed sugar back then! Perfect.

  9. Oh I did love stocking up on the things we did not usually have at home...food is such a visceral reminder. Thanks for taking us on your journey.