Sunday, April 13

Hernando Martinez

The King of Cats, 1935, Balthus 
Hernando Martinez was the King of Cats
He made himself famous, and that's a fact
He worked for the circus and he worked for the zoo
He worked with tigers and with kittens too

Masses and mobs came to his show
while the lights from above cast a faint glow
over their heads and though the crowd
he came swinging and whooping, bowing proud 

With a kitten in tow, and a cat in each hand
there was no doubt about it, he was king of the land
of cheetahs and jaguars, pumas and lions
they'd bow at his feet, when they heard the sirens 

Hernando Martinez, King of all Cats
To laud and applaud him, take off your hats
He can tame the lions and all feline beasts
Making him a wonder from west to east. 

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  1. Great rhyming and entertaining to read! Well done! *smile*

  2. oh this was so fun! Excellent!

  3. Nice tribute to the King of cats! Like also rhymes and using 'list' in the poem.

  4. I have a feeling The KIng Of Cats might be in many writes today-what fun!

  5. Loved you rhyming tribute. :-)

  6. Remarkably inventive; congrats.

  7. I bet all the cats in the South and the North were dying of jealously. ;-)

  8. As with Jinksy, I think the rhyming flows nicely!

  9. This is a pleasure to read. It has a great rhythm.

  10. So clever , have tou heard the Aussie band " Cat Empire" ?

  11. Very nice...really enjoyed the rhyme pattern...

  12. Wonderful. I can imagine a circus barker shouting this on some street corner to draw people to the show. Wonderfully done!