Saturday, April 12

Flowers in a Vase

Flowers, by Odilon Redon

Flowers in a Vase

Earth colored urn 
placed on a dark honeyed table,
filled with flowers from the field.
Each flower dances in its vibrant color,
some so light, they embody life,
twitching to fool the viewer
"I am a butterfly dancing," they lie.
The sun, the river, 
the sky, the ground,
all play together in this vase.
A mess of life-- stabled, 
captured for a time.

Shared at Imaginary Garden.


  1. I appreciate this so. "Urn" is a wonderful word choice, and my favorite line is of the lie the flowers tell.

  2. I like your play on words... especially the last two lines. Lovely description of a vase of flowers.