Saturday, April 19

Easter Traditions

Growing up, the traditions my family had were getting dolled up for church Sunday morning, celebrating in unity with other believers and then visiting The Garfield Conservatory before having dinner in either China Town or Greek town . Although Easter baskets and Egg Hunts are very popular at Easter and many people sit down to an Easter Ham, my immigrant parents never bought into those very American traditions. Having celebrated Easter differently than most Americans, I've always found it interesting to note the different traditions people engage in in honor of this holiday. The following are four traditions (some mainstream American, and some not) that seem to stick out as hallmarks:

Do you participate in any of these traditions? What different traditions do you hold dear? 

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  1. I always got an Easter Basket when I was young. Sometimes my parents hid plastic eggs around the house with candy inside of them. I don't remember ever going to see the Easter Bunny, but when I worked at a bookstore I dressed up as Peter Rabbit one year for the kids. Fun!

  2. We always got an new Easter outfit. Hat, shoes, gloves and purse to go with our new dress.

  3. when I was a child we always got new clothes for Easter, dyed eggs, hid eggs, found eggs and had deviled eggs to eat!
    Have fun what ever you do!

  4. I live in Japan, where less than 1 percent of the population are Christians. (I am one of the one percent.)
    Most Japanese people are not very familiar with Easter, though some knows about easter eggs and bunnies.
    I am the only Christian in my family and I grew up without following any Easter traditions.
    I started going to church at the age of 21, and now I celebrate Easter with my church family.

    Happy Easter.