Friday, December 27

Leaving home

I get on the plane to Italy. Never mind our 2 year relationship. Never mind the promises of marriage and a future. This one year is all I want to myself. A year of exploration and experience detached from love and expectation. "Wait for me," I command.

And yet, the memory of his tears are seared in my brain. Around every corner I see the shadow of his physique. I cannot raise a glass without giving mind to him. Did I make a mistake? 

I am angry. Furious. Absolutely livid. I am a puppet of emotions 5,000 mile across land and sea. He did this to me. Not even our distance can make me free.

I make a phone call home. No answer. No answer. No answer. The what-ifs and the should-haves begin to eat my brain.

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  1. Outstanding! Can feel it :-)

  2. I would LOVE to visit Italy! Raise your glass, enjoy the lasagna and tell him you'll be back soon. lol!

  3. Oh yes been there and done that...powerful!

  4. So many people feel that way. You phrased it in a very powerful manner. Thank you for sharing.