Sunday, September 29

Birthday Poem

At twenty-five
I've arrived
Hands empty

Empty hands
are ready hands,
given hands

At twenty-five
I stop waiting
and begin working

Saturday, September 21

A voice pierces through singularly,
a discordant sound above the waves
While millions sit
I rise to my feet

All eyes train my moves
as if I were a grenade about to POP




denied my human right
I stare at them and ponder hard
knuckles turn white

but even if I stand
and no one stands with me
I still my pounding heart
I breath my quiet breath
I lock my knees in protest,
for I am not alone.

Sunday, September 15

There is a wind of darkness
traveling through the air
ready to choke our spirits
and bring us to despair
For shallow are our roots
as cold as stone are our hearts
the wind comes piercing through the night
despite our desperate fight.

Sunday, September 1

The Beauty of the Morning

Untitled by Rachel Schultz

When the sun rises, dressed in pink
in pomegranate reds and mulberry hues
She bathes the rivers with her light
wiping away the night's cruel bruise

With the touch of her vibrant rays
each songbird wakes and greets the day
a melody so sweet and fair
begins to to sweep the morning air

The dew drops roll from crescent leaves
pure tears of hope and peace
refreshing creatures big and small
a sign of blessing and increase

Morning has arrived today
A gift from a God who never sleeps
She's come with His mercy and his love
gifts he bestows in gracious heaps

His mercy renews every morning
each blessed morning that we awake
though sorrows and pains may last through the night
Joy comes in the morning

Therein lies this mysterious beauty
not in the sun's rays or gentle birdsong
it is in the fulfilling of a promise
in the completion of that which we long

The Earth in it's glory gives testament
nature cries out the infallible truth
There is a God who cares for us
who sends us mornings without reproof

The sun rises for the faithful
the sun rises for the wicked
the sun rises full of Mercy
and we are free to take it