Friday, August 23

Rest by Nancy Berrios

How nice to know
that I do not go
through this life alone,
that all my steps are ordered
and He sits on the throne
My confidence is not shattered
My faith grows ever strong
My God has not forsaken me
for the many times I'm wrong
With Him I have new energy
the will, the way, the want
to keep on this narrow road called life
that I'm called to travel on

Monday, August 5

In the quiet of the night
that is when my heart stirs
and when the tears come
In the quiet of the night
that is when I hear His voice
His gentle proddings and sure encouragement
that is when they come
and so I turn my head around
I turn to my soft pillow
the tears, they fall
I let them fall
as I hear His voice
and I know I cannot hide
where can I go?
How can I ignore the one who loves me so?
In the quiet of the night
I must make my peace
with the one who knows everything
and trust that it will be alright.

Thursday, August 1

He's doing something. He's speaking to me. How do I know? Because everywhere I turn, I hear His voice. And He's repeating Himself over and over so that I'll be sure to "get it." It's either Him or a conspiracy woven by my co-workers, radio preachers, and complete strangers. Use your words carefully. Have faith. Don't fear.  The summation of those three sentences are more powerful to me than you'll ever know.