Thursday, July 25

Sowing in the Valley

And in the valley where the red thorns grow
where the wind blows cold
and the men grow old
there is a field that grows as white as snow
and there is where we till
from dawn to dust and through the night
we sow the seeds of eternal life
and look beyond our earthly strife
with hope of a new tomorrow
though we're trampled and at times downtrodden
by the rains, the winds, the darkened air
we hold steadfastly to the true vine
knowing it will be alright
knowing that if we abide
knowing that if we keep faith
the fruit will come, one day it'll come
so sweet, so perfect and so pure
The fruits of love, joy, and peace
forbearance, kindness; goodness too
faithfulness, gentleness and self-control
will come of the seeds we sow