Friday, June 7

Confessions from a Chubby Childhood

I was a chubby kid. Food played a significant role in my development. It not only nourished my body, but also my imagination. These are my chubby childhood confessions:

  1. When eating Oreos- I would be very careful to open it up to the creme side then slowly drag my two front teeth across the middle and then imagine that the teeth marks were tire tracks in the snow.
  2. One of my best summer time memories is my parents driving all the way to Indiana (we lived in Chicago) to go to Dairy Queens for chocolate covered vanilla cones.
  3. Cookie Monster was my absolute favorite Sesame Street character and hero.
  4. My mom would give me pieces of vegetables so that I could "cook" right alongside her in my play kitchen set while she fixed up dinner- I usually wound up eating them and asking for more.
  5. Whenever I made sandwiches for myself, I'd pretend I was on a cooking show and describe everything I was doing out loud.
  6. I thought birthday parties at McDonalds were the best.
  7. I once made my dad a milkshake with a "secret" ingredient-bologna.
  8. Inspired by a Magic School Bus episode on the life-cycle of chickens, I tried hatching a chick out of an egg by squatting over it.
  9. Once, I branded a doughnut mine by licking the frosting off then putting it back in the fridge.
  10. I loved standing directly in front of the microwave and watching Peep marshmallows grow gargantuan in size.

Do you have any chubby childhood confessions?


  1. bologna shake? did he realize?

    1. Yes! He found the lone piece of of bologna at the bottom of the vanilla shake when he was done. He was a good sport about it though! (I was only 4-5?)