Monday, May 27

Vive La Difference

It's not that we're not modern. Trust me, I went to college and not for my M.R.S. degree. And yet? If I didn't make it a point to go grocery shopping, we'd starve. If he didn't carefully lecture me about all things electronic, I'd revert to only reading books and never touch the computer/DVD player/new-gadget-whose-name-I-don't-know-and-don't-care-to-know. 

We tried the 50/50 thing. I'd do the dishes one day and he'd say he'd do the dishes the next time. Only when next time came, he said "later." Later became a week later. By the time he got to the dishes, they were nearly touching the ceiling all the while my fingers where twitching to see such a disaster. I do the dishes now.

When it came to driving, we decided to make that fair too. I'd drive to and he'd drive back. That lasted until I broke the door handle on the passenger's side, forcing passengers to either roll down the window and reach for the outside handle or wait until the driver kindly opens the door. Now guess who doesn't get asked to drive anymore! I can't complain. I never did like driving and it does feel nice to have someone open the door for me, even if it is for reasons other than pure chivalry.

We'll be married a year next month and while all is well (our love for each other has only grown), I have to say, vive la difference


  1. like this..the learning how to get along and accepting who you are. My wife cooks..I do the dishes or go hungry. Been married 38 yrs and have gone thru some ups and downs(no pun intended). Our marriage really became better when we both realized that men are men and women are women...we are different...thank God.

  2. This made me laugh...and I thought you were an old married couple from the sounds of it until the end. I've been married 20 years and this is pretty much what happened with us (altho I am the one leaving the dishes to the ceiling) -- I think what matters is how you feel about the division of labor, does it feel fair? Who cares if it's "traditional"...or not. What's important is that stuff gets done and everybody does their share, that it evens out in the end. Of course, I don't know if you have/are planning to have kids, but if you do, it's a game changer, to say the least, lol.

    1. I guess we do sound like an old married couple. Ha. Ha.