Tuesday, May 28


I won't be a baby
when I turn thirteen
but a real teenager
who can watch PG-13 movies
and go on dates
and when I go to the library
there'll be no more books
from the children's section
I'll slide into the young adult's area
where they have the cool chairs
and read love stories
like Romeo and Juliet
maybe I'll even have a pimple
and will have to buy some Neutrogena
and have a sleepover
so that me and all my friends
can splash our faces with water
and laugh
at our now clear teen-age skin

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  1. Oh, to be thirteen again with the clear skin!

  2. Beautiful. Today my twin nieces turn 12...one more year :)

    T is for...

  3. haha! i don't miss my 13-year old self that much.:p
    had clear skin at 13 but it was a difficult age for me.:)

    T is for...

  4. You definitely don't suffer from triskaidekaphobia. :)
    An Arkies Musings

  5. Thirteen is such a monumental age with SO many changes. My oldest grandgirl turns 13 this year.

  6. When I was 13, I was allowed to wear lipstick! Now girls are being taught how not to get pregnant or an STD...sigh...

    abcw team

  7. When my girls reach 13, they got permission to get their ears pierced. And that was a big deal. Ha Ha now with all the piercing going on ... How time has changed.

  8. Ah, used Noxema when I had pimples, but yeah, I know the feeling.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  9. Oh, 13 seems so long ago but remember it so clearly! What a milestone age.

  10. Fun times at 13, I suppose the last of childhood but lots more books to read.
    Joy - ABC Team