Saturday, May 11


The morning is clear
The night is thick
The raven's wings are black and slick
And if I pause to breath today
I will not see end of it

Give me a heart
That pumps a river
and twist my insides into a bow
Though I cleave, I tend to shiver
Send me spiraling until its slow

One day it'll stop
that's a false promise
dancing on a tempter's tongue
I take my chance, come what may
And pray that I will not be hung


  1. Aha! so sweet composition.................come what may life should never stop....

  2. the temptations are great, the rewards many but don't get caught...hanging is not a lot of fun

  3. dancing on a tempter's tongue - a dangerous but exciting dance at the same time! As long as you don't get hung!

  4. Beautifully flowing verse! I'll take my chances too, life is for the living, regrets are stronger for what we haven't done.