Thursday, May 30


A mishmash of happenings
one-a-penny, two-a-penny
Here we go again!
The elephant over the moon
Mama's Jambalaya
and is that dear old Aunt Sally?
The lover is getting away
he's riding a horse that looks like a robot
and my teeth are falling!
I'm chewing them up
tasty bubble-gum teeth
Hang on!
the world beneath my feet
is sliding like a see-saw
now I begin to fall
straight down a well
until I splash into the ocean
where a shark wearing a
pink tutu waits for me
he's sitting in an inflatable tire ring
But now the police is following
they are pulling us over!
I heard their siren blaring
again and again
until I realize I am  now awake

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  1. This is so colorful and fun, fabulous job =). Those candy teeth freak me out I can't even eat them lol

  2. Charleen...this is really portrays dreams in a wonderful poem. I felt like your were writing about my dreams even though I don't remember any of your images in my dreams. But the way everything is always jumbled up, going round and and and making no sense is exactly the way my dreams are. Excellent post.

  3. Love it. Kept feeling like I was following Alice down the rabbit/shark hole!

  4. As I was reading it, I too was thinking of Alice in Wonderland and that I was taking a trip that she would have taken. And I can tell you that I definitely identify with the teeth part, that's what I wrote about for my dream. I also felt like I was on a carousel and did not want to get off and that I wanted to keep going and going, around and around to where nobody knows if it should end.

    Thanks for sharing such a fun poem with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. Hope you have a week filled with fun dreams.

    God bless.