Sunday, April 28

Water Resistant

My heart is a sponge
it soaks up every emotion
your words are water
that pour love onto it
but when you squeeze
that sponge
your love squeezes out
leaving it bone dry
until you pour your words again
its soaks
then releases
it soaks
then releases
only a faint dampness remains
each time
my heart is growing weary
I fear it might break
so the day before yesterday
I went to the store
and on a shelf I saw a jar
in the jar there was a cream
the cream could make anything
water resistant
Baby, I bought that potion
poured it on my heart
and now your words
can't do any harm

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  1. I've known a lot of broken hearts that would love that cream...mine was one but it had to heal on its own. This poem says a lot and will be read different by different people. It is good when one piece of poetry can touch many hearts.

  2. I have a hunch that this 'cream' won't work, but you can try it. God bless.

  3. i can definitely relate, beautifully done

  4. What a beautiful but sad poem of betrayal. Oh to find a shop with such balms near by.

  5. Can you provide me with the name of that potion? I guess everybody needs it ... beautiful poem !!!

  6. We definitely all would need this at times. A well conceived concept. Glad to see you at Poetry Pantry.

  7. I felt the pain. I liked the verse on the sponge. I'm sure an imaginary cream might prove soothing!

  8. Sad beautiful thoughts.

    We all need that potion at times - for betrayals of all kinds.

    Anna :o]

  9. Sad to me. If you love proof your heart then it will always be empty. Get rid of the wringer. Let your heart be filled by a lover who feeds you rather than a vampire who sucks you dry!

  10. I have not found a cream that works that well BUT I love the idea!

  11. Poured it on my heart - loved the words and the image