Sunday, April 28

The Woodland Feast

Illustration by Helen Ward

The king was having a feast
So he invited the woodland beasts
To join him at his table
And so commences this fable

There was no reason for the party
The king was just feeling hearty
And his friends, as spirited as they be
Could not find reason to disagree

One by one, they filed all in
The gopher, the badger, all therein!
The mole, the woodchuck all counted present
All so joyful, none so hesitant

Even the toad, dared to appear
His heart merry, and face severe
For that was the nature of this friend
Something the king could never comprehend

Let us begin! The king declared
And brought out trays full of eclairs
And cakes and fruits all sweet as can be
Increasing his guests' overall glee

Until the king took his first joyful bite
For that is when began the fight
Between the badger, the toad, and mole
Over the the division of sweets that they wanted for whole

Give me the cake! The badger shouted
I want that tray! The toad pouted
The mole with fury, raised a stick
And threatened to pain inflict

The party was over, as you can believe
All due to these terrible animals' greed
And to this day the king did learn
Choose your guests wisely or suffer the burn!

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  1. This says publish as a children's book to me... love it!

  2. Oh, a fable with a moral, WELL DONE!

  3. that brought a smile to my face

  4. oh hahah Good one! Hava great week!

  5. Skilfull and cunning; witty too...

  6. Very good lesson. Always choose your guest and company wisely. Love this!!!

  7. I been to a few parties with similar, *cough* friends. Definitely a canny choice for the next gathering!

  8. I'm glad the king learned his lesson.