Wednesday, April 17

The shot that rang out through the night
contained the force to block the light
of the life that had made life in her
and now she stood, not all alone
but with a child still in her womb
but no father, no daddy to speak of
he was gone
and there his coffin stood as a symbol of the destruction
of not his life but of her trust
which was dashed upon the rocks
into a million and one shiny pieces
and she buried her hands into her palms
and moaned with the voice of a thousand pains
asking herself how could she endure this utmost misery
but then came the kick inside her womb
there came the movement deep within
which begged for a cry of a different tune
there came the promise of a new tomorrow
of life- a life reborn
of a life restored and so this mother
wiped her tears and stood her ground
for there was Hope, her wings still white
ready fly if she would only let her

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  1. This is a great piece! The coffin "as a symbol of the destruction of not his life but of her trust", makes me want to know the story behind his death. I like how you ended with "the promise of a new tomorrow".

  2. It could be a suicide.Powerful write!

  3. Having a kid can make all the difference. For a minute I wondered what happened the the father, but in the end, that's not what it's about.

  4. What a wonderful piece of prose..she has hope inside her..and how true that it is only her that can make her wings fly..beautifully told..

  5. I love the hope the child brings :)

  6. I like this. Great job! It brings new hope. :)

  7. A child sometimes brings you the inner strength to survive and triumph.

  8. Can't help feeling the last word needs to be 'them' - or perhaps 'herself'? Two 'her' words in the same sentence I found confusing.
    Lovely idea of the unborn child giving its mother strength to fly, though.

    1. Well, what I meant was Hope would fly if the mother would allow it, but I see how it can be confusing. Thanks for the feedback. :-)

  9. Powerful stuff, Charleen, I like it very much.

  10. Hope the thing that gives us wings...powerfully moving piece.

  11. An incredibly heartfelt, moving piece,

  12. A very tender yet strong piece. A new birth does give us hope for the future,,,gives us someone to carry on for,,,

  13. All well told... but the last line confuses me... I read your explanation above but even in re-reading it I stumbled upon it again.

    1. Maybe because I personified hope? Which means I should have capitalized the word. I meant to borrow from Emily Dickinson's "Hope is a Thing with Feathers." Does it make more sense now? Thanks for the input. :-)