Tuesday, April 2


I'm not supposed to cry
I'm the teacher
Beacon of strength, energy, and power
I'm not supposed to care
about those insignificant things
that grate my heart
I am a leader
Maybe I'm too soft to be a teacher
Maybe I own too many emotions
Maybe I should put away my lesson plans once and for all
Never let them see your sorrow
Never let them see your pain
Children can sniff weakness out
Even if its hidden behind a well crafted mask of professionalism
But despite the sorrows
Despite the shame
Despite agony and the pain
I will teach on
For after all, tomorrow is another day

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  1. i feel you...i am a teacher as well...and there are certain classes that just wear me out....my last period on B days is brutal...so i feel you for sure...

  2. I am not a teacher but I believe that all the things you say that you are not supposed to be or show is what you should be or do. You should let them see your pain, that you care, you are soft, you do have emotions...never deny that you are human...they will love you and respond to you...that does not mean that you have to let them run you or the class.
    Good luck..we need teachers that are human...to much of our childrens lives are spent inside of a robotron...

  3. Like your attitude and this is such a wonderful read!! Loved it!! Passion, emotions all rolled out into these lines but coming out a clear winner with that last line!!

  4. Beautiful words - some days can be harder than others! Thank goodness for all the tomorrows that allow us to start again!

  5. This is wonderful. It's been a lifetime since I graduated high school it seems. Yet, I still remember my favorite teachers and classes. I wish back then, I could fully realize that even teachers are humans also. Tomorrow is another day to start again. I also love 'Gone With The Wind'. Wonderful piece!!

  6. My husband was a college professor for a time it is incredibly demanding and extremely meaningful work. I also remember my favorite teachers and there were times, many times I as a student broken down in class.

  7. Teachers are people too. Beautifully written. Thanks for using Carry On Tuesday as you prompt for this delightful piece.

  8. I have never been a teacher, one of the noblest professions when it's a true calling. I can tell that is what you have: a calling. Not religious, but from a spirit of goodness. I can tell by what you have written... too many challenges OUR teachers didn't have to face, and in those days, bullying was ignored, etc.

    This sounds as though you may be weighted down by "No Child Left Behind," with all its unimaginative "remember and regurgitate" rules. I suspect most teachers feel they are being robbed of their imagination, unable to use their true, unique gifts.

    Tomorrow is another day... a day to roll back "NCLB." But that's just my opinion. Peace, Amy

  9. I think you speak for most teachers. It's a tough job, especially now. This is great writing, too, by the way.

  10. A very good poem. You show the thoughts of a depressed teacher. Im only ten years old but I get the feeling of that poem.

  11. there is always a dark side to everything!