Friday, April 26

Not Myself Today

Oh the agony!
Oh the pain!
To have to be up so early today!

How can I do it?
When I am creature of the night?
I should be hanging in a cave
not perusing through papers
and looking at screens

Definitely not looking!
Seeing is so strange!
I rather see with my ears
and hear with my eyes

and now I am hungry
and there is no blood to be had
in this office complex
without making my "boss" pretty mad

do I dare?
to take a nibble, just a bite
of juicy Mrs. Lucy
Just a drop from her hand!

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  1. Oh, such a bat girl! Er, I mean bad girl!

  2. I am also a creature of the night, and morning is painful for one whose circadian rhythms aren't the norm, so I can hear your bat's agony, feel its pain!
    My father was also a night person, and neither of us could understand why my mother was always so cheerful in the morning!
    Thanks for your creative poem, Charleen!

  3. reading a delightful riddle! Sweet little bat. Just a tiny little bat... Lovely read!

  4. Delightful insight into the life of the bat!!!!

  5. A bad girl it! I am a creature of the night. Sleep escapes me so I listen to the voices in my head speak through my keyboard. :)

  6. SO fun to read! YOUR details gave so much insight
    Yes Mrs. Lucy might scream ;D

  7. Hehehe! What a great idea - and execution of same!

  8. "Just a drop from her hand". I love it!