Friday, April 19

Melting Pot

The words poured out my mouth
like melted silver in a cup
flashing obvious
and piecing eyes
before I could slow them to a stop

I am the mothers dead with smallpox
kneeled before white gods
whom I also am
I am a laborer dark as night
toiling in a field

While you are an adventurer
dreaming of prosperity
you are a starving peasant 
yearning for opportunity
you are a convict sentenced to a land
a land of milk and honey

and now you are my neighbor
and now I am your neighbor
and now we are neighbors

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  1. This is intensely powerful writing. I applaud your skill and focus in each stanza, and the final lines really drive your message home.

  2. Such strength in this piece. I love how you write of people of other nationalities melting into coexistence.

  3. Melting pot - a great direction to take this prompt! And now hopefully the neighbors will get along.

  4. Your powerful poem is even more so today ~~ neighbors need to care for one another, look out for one another.

  5. If only the melting you envision could come true before we all destroy one another. I love "like melted silver in a cup"!
    A super response to the prompt!

  6. Strong imagery and an assertive voice. Well done.

  7. Some very intense images here and the message of course is intense too--we are all neighbors now. Something in all our lives we can apply this to.

  8. What a unique concept for the prompt Charleen, and an important topic. here you do both poetic justice. Thanks for participating and viva la!