Saturday, April 27

El Coqui

Little one with voice so shrill
Singing nightly lullabies
A voice distinct throughout all the world
And yet only your people know you
Sing to me, Coqui
Sing to me again
I hear you in my dreams of home
And then I am happy
Your voice is an island
Your voice is Borinquen
I bury the sound deep in my chest
as to protect it,
as if to guard it
from all the noise the city brings,
here away from you
Coqui, why didn't you tell me I would be lonely?
Why didn't you beg me to stay
each night when you sang to me
you only sang of promise and peace
Where are you Coqui?
I long to hear you sing
If I hear your voice again
then maybe
I will sing too

This poem is dedicated to the little coqui that lives exclusively in Puerto Rico. The frog makes the same noise as it's name. At night you can hear them saying, "Coqui! Coqui! Coqui!"

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  1. A love song for a frog, wonderful

  2. Coqui, why didn't you tell me I would be lonely?

    Your poem is so poignant! It is all the little things we forget about home.

  3. Such a sweet poem for this lovely little guy! Great photo...just peering down watching his little world.

  4. I so love the song of the frogs, and the little coqui sounds enchanting. I, too, loved "why didnt you tell me I would be lonely?" Poignant.

  5. The ending is lovely I feel the same way about crickets.

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  7. I looked it up and listened to its sweet song. A lovely poem, Charleen.

  8. Of frogs and love creative. I am going to Puerto Rico next month perhaps I will hear one.

  9. I just love this!! What a beautiful and personal flavor you have brought out in this beloved little frog!! I love your fact at the end and this:

    "I bury the sound deep in my chest"

    I love that...I missed the frogs dearly when I moved from the country, too...resonates.

    Thank you so much for writing!! :)

  10. This is sad and hauntingly romantic....
    I love your approach