Sunday, April 14

Apologies in Spanish

Jonny Rotherham | Leana Head Bowed
Charcoal & Chalk on paper | 50 x 70 cm
Do you know how to say "I'm sorry" in Spanish? The words are "lo siento." It literally means "I feel it." I love that way of delivering an apology. I like that the apologetic is taking part of my pain in an effort to restore emotions. Lo siento. Like a heartbeat. I'll close my eyes and imagine you saying those words to me. And when you do, the pain you've caused will slowly drip away, because now you've felt it too.

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  1. I like this..."lo siento" is what an apology should many times it's just words...

  2. I feel it - I like that.. truly what an apology should be

  3. Superb! We should apologize that was in English as well.

  4. That is beautiful, it seems much more powerful than our English version :)

  5. I'd like to think that people feel our pain. Sometimes I wonder. This is lovely and well written.