Thursday, April 18


Slap me in the face, you animal! It'd hurt a little less. You accuse me of stealing your time, your money, your love and everything else you hold dearly in this world and thus leave me in indignation. How dare you? How dare you accuse me of such things? I've done nonesuch things and do not deserve to be trampled on in this way. I do not deserve to be trampled on at all! I hate you! Accuse me of that and then I'll consent to your little dirty accusations. 


  1. Sometimes it is tempting to live down to wha tone is accused of!

  2. That should be "what one is accused of" not "wha tone". I am not sure what a "wha tone" is, to be perfectly honest.

    1. Ha, ha. Don't worry about it. :-) Thanks for stopping by my page.

  3. Yes, when we are accused over and over the tendency is to go ahead and do it...what the hell, she or he thinks I'm already why not?
    excelent way to make a point.

  4. There truly is such a fine line between hate and love. I think we can love someone but at the same time hate them. So many accusations here and I think they should all be stuffed up someone's butt crack and then you can trample on it up, down and all around. I think my hubby has accused me of each of these at one time or another, especially the money thing with me no longer working. All of a sudden all the money we have is his and I really do want to stick it up his butt crack. So instead I will just keep spending as much of it as I can, it is my job to keep the economy going.

    Thanks for sharing such great accusations for this weeks Theme Thursday. May your week be fill with none of these and you can join me in spending all that you can.

    God bless.