Thursday, March 28

Mark of a Champion

My soul was dead
but I've been resurrected
with the blood of Christ
I've been resuscitated
and now that I'm living,
that my heart is pumping
I find myself poised over a line
'cause  I'm about to start the race,
the race called New Life

One step I place
after another
when the going gets tough
I feel the touch of the Holy Ghost
he won't let me fail
ye though I walk
through the valley of the shadow of death
and though I hear mocking and screaming
from either side of me
I'll keep going
because His strength is within me

You run right beside me
That time that I tripped
you lifted me
on my feet
and we kept on running
I've got the mark of a champion
the seal of the Holy Ghost
though this race is long
and my muscles get sore
I've got the mark of a champion
and this race was won
before it began