Sunday, March 31

Between Heaven and Hell

Between Heaven and Hell, 1989 by Jacek Yerka

I know that they blame me. "It's all Eve's fault," they say. I listened to the serpent and ate the fruit. Wicked woman I am! They blame me and then they blame all my daughters- accusing them of weak-mindedness and the downfall of man. They've stuck my daughters in kitchens, disallowing them from viewing sunlight or beauty. They've struck them down for exerting freewill and have mocked our shared blessing of motherhood.

But what if I hadn't eaten that fruit? What if Adam had reached for the forbidden instead? Would God have forsaken us? Would he have not had compassion? Would he have stalled from sending his beloved son down as redeemer of that grave error- the error of allowing sin in and shutting Him out? No. His love for us is infinite and His mercy endures forever. And in that love and mercy God takes our sin and uses it for His glory.

So, I ate of that fruit, but what if you had eaten of it? You could have been me. I could have been you. And then where would you be to judge me? Do you really think you could have done any better? I made a mistake but by His grace I spent my time between Heaven and Hell learning of His goodness.

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  1. smiles. eve just happened to be first you know. we have all sinned and fallen short. blaming women, just makes it easier on men not to take responsibility themselves. smiles. not a bad way to spend your time between. happy easter back at you. hope your day was good.

    1. Thank you! Hope your Easter was good too!

  2. Lovely Easter sentiment, hope your heart is always healed......I'm one of those women who don't accept the blame..just follow my path..thanks so much..

  3. 'Tis true we cannot accept one without acknowledging the other. Lovely sentiments here.

  4. So very powerful and truly lovely this is. We definitely were like-minded in our take on this artwork, by focusing on Eve. You, however, incorporated your piece into a meaningful work for Easter and I thought it was touching.

  5. Aha! Yes, poor Eve, forever lumbered with the label of the temptress who urged Adam to eat of the 'tree of knowledge of good and evil'. But if the myth had turned up in a matriarchal society instead of patriarchal, it would have been Adam the tempter and Eve the sinner who succumbed to the temptation, then he would have been the one denied equal access to education, religious leadership and even respect as happens in most Judae-Christian-Muslim societies to this day (who's scriptures all share the book of Genesis). The poor old serpent also got a bad deal, forever to be cursed and 'crushed under the heel' as directed by God.
    BTW, loved your account of the Easter Service described in the previous post and how the (Downs Syndrome?) man really got into the mood and you responded to his enthusiasm. You write well and with love.

  6. Someone had to do it, you know. I think Eve was brave, if a little ahead of the game.

  7. Your take on Eve is lovely and so fitting for Easter...