Monday, February 18

The Second-Hand Shop

Walk in and see
sunlight silhouetting snow
that drifts up into your nostrils
clinging, begging, wanting
to be taken home
along with the books and Barbies
of years past
the one about Russians taking over
the one with the hair singed off
finger the tie-dyed dress
the moths have had their lunch
sit on the flowered sofa
buttocks almost touch the floor
across the room
there is a white and black toothed creature
silent now
decades ago though
decades ago though
stomping feet moved about it
people swung
as a woman sang
and they all got drunk with that moonshine.


  1. This swirled before my eyes like pictures in an old photo album...thank you.

  2. I could see so clearly the dust-laden books that have been read and re-read by eager eyes, dolls once treasured but now outgrown, show pieces and furniture, fragile lace doilies and tea-sets from a bygone era - makes me yearn for a good rooting about in my mum's trunk full of childhood memorabilia!

  3. I was there with you, with the old books and flowered sofa ~

    Good one ~

  4. This read like the first chapter in a period novel at least in the feelings it evokes. Strong description and a great pacing. Loved it.

  5. A secondhand shop sends its whispers to you...I love them. This feels like a beginning to a story...I hope you write more of it. Great piece!

  6. A place of wonder and fascination... trying to find the jewel amongst the riff raff is so fun!