Tuesday, February 19

Careful What You Wish For

Creative Writing Prompt: I want My Legs Back. Picture it & Write February 17, 2013. | ermiliablog.wordpress.com

As quickly as she could she began to erase what she'd drawn. It was a mistake that she'd ever picked up her pencil again. Wretched wish. When the falling star had fallen across the night sky, she'd pleaded that her art  be more realistic. And now she was paying the price. Back and forth, faster, quicker, and with more speed she moved the eraser on her paper. She needed to get rid of the little man before he could jump out and cause a scene.

Written for Picture it and Write it.


  1. Be careful what you "draw" towards you!

  2. That could have been scary ... well done !!!

  3. This is like the Twilight Zone. :-) What a tight piece of writing. :-)

  4. Pesky stars. I wish on them every time.