Saturday, February 16

never thought I'd like having friends
enjoy them
come to depend on them
like an addict to drugs
the company of females
sacred and secret
shared laughter and advice
at the mediocrity of life
give me a Saturday afternoon
with a latte
and a few girlfriends
I'll arrive home a new woman
entering through the door
like a wilted flower
revived by the rain


  1. Friends can certainly give a new spring to your step when you need it...Love your poem of sisterhood

  2. Perfect! I concur! To wake up one day and realize that friends are the blessing of life, the tonic of wellness in our choices.

  3. Sometimes one goes through periods when it is hard, for logistic reasons, to connect with friends - and that is so hard. I have daughters at least! Thanks for sweet poem. k.

  4. Nothing can take the place of women friends. So well said. It is so hard when I can't reach out to my friends. Facebook makes it easier but face to face is the best.

  5. It's SO true!! I need to try and make time for more of this. I do get this kind of time with my sister though and once a week I do a belly dancing class with other women...

    Any way your poem was obviously right on...has me thinking! :)

  6. You are so right! Times with friends does make me feel refreshed!

  7. yeah, and i really don't get that enough. very true and well penned.

  8. Got to have girlfriends. I couldn't get through life without them. Thanks so much for linking this very cool poem to Toads today.

  9. I love the idea of friends refreshing us like a cool, spring rain. Nicely!

  10. Girl friends are actually a lot harder to find and keep than guys! And if you are fortunate enough to have a few, treasure them, for they are rare and beautiful!

    You make me miss my best friends :(

  11. Few poems have this feeling of truth so plainly told. It seems genuinely from a life.


    I'm a reclusive guy.