Monday, February 18

Allie's aspirations could be summed in one word: marriage
George's dream, however was multi-tiered:
Girls first, lot's of girls
Then make a niche at the office
Climb, climb, climb with the gentlemen
Then settle, settle, settle, with the drollest little virgin

And Andy? What became of him, that little chap caught between a young mom and a retired casanova?
No one knows exactly. 
But rumor has it
He went to Harvard
And drives a souped up sports car

Written for Sepia Saturday


  1. Andy infact is an evil midget Cult Leader who has entrapped Allie & George in his Satanic Worshipping Coven........

  2. Maybe his family situation wasn't ideal, but nobody expected sweet little Andy to kill his wife and spend the rest of his life in jail.

  3. When I first saw the photo, I thought "oh, that guy is way too handsome for her". He kind of reminds of the Great Gatsby. But they do look a happy family.

  4. LOL! The souped up sports car is the best part!

    Kathy M.

  5. Smoothie, but why is he clenching his fist?

    1. Ready for the right cross, keeping women in line was different back then.

  6. They boy is perched halfway between somewhere and nowhere. The look on hus face suggests that he is sat on Uncle's thumb. Or is it Peter Brough and Archie Andrews?

  7. The kid knows something and would not spill the beans. Whatever the secret was, he's no doubt carried to his grave. I don't like that clenched fist on the Dad either. He looks ready to spring up and get out of there.

  8. I think the imp in the middle is driving his father to distraction and is about to get a spanking when the photo is finished.

  9. George is the evil puppet master pulling the strings around there.

  10. I think Allie just needed a better hairdresser.

  11. Yes that child looks pleased with himself already.

  12. I think the man's hand is in a fist because he has somehow just got wind of the poem written up above, (chuckle)

  13. Yes, there is something about the way his little fist is clenched .... slightly frightening.

  14. I'm thinking George is clenching his fist at the thought of another quite night at home, when he'd rather be dancing!