Sunday, January 27

Saturday, January 26

When all is said and done

When all is said and done
lay your head down
let the cool water sweep over your eyes

When all is said and done

give up on the fight
roaring waves go rolling on the sea of night

You may be frigid

you may be frightened
but its alright

Written for Carry on Tuesday

Saturday, January 19

Sunday Mini-Challenge: Chained Rhyme, Part One

There's a rumble in my tummy
crummy times have fallen upon me
we wish there'd be more in our home
gnomes in the garden eat more
horrible times are here
we're searching for anything good
would you spare us some change
strange that we used to be friends
lend us anything please
cheese? bread? or sardines?

'twas evening

'Twas evening, the moon set high
he caressed her hand once more
the day had died and it was time for her to enter in
I love you. How can I let you go?
Stay with me the night.
This passion burns 
My heart does burst 
to see you leave me anew
her dove eyes smiled
into his soul
she calmed his fiery angst 
My love. Its true. But this I know-
The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of
 meeting again

Written for Carry on Tuesday
shared at The Mag

Friday, January 18

Love Story

I will not leave you
wisphered the sea to the sand
shore always hugs land

Written for Carpe Diem

Thursday, January 17


stale white popcorn rolls
cotton candy has vanished
clowns wash their faces

tired men sit down
rubbing feet that have flown high
a lion now sleeps

mama carries me
away from the circus top 
to the land of sleep

Written for Carpe Diem

Sunday, January 13


Music of the night
Plays so long and soft
Lovers hold on tight

Written for Carpe Diem

You're a girl?
They killed Kenny!

Written for the Mag

Sunday, January 6


     The others think I'm frightful. They fear for their lives. "There's something wrong in her eyes," I hear them whisper to one another. I'm not half as dangerous as they imagine. Really, I'm as harmless as a little bee. Maybe I'll sting a little if I  over exert my emotions, but in the end, it is I who bears the brunt of any outburst of sentiment.
     They say I am a loner. To this I concede. It'd give me so much pleasure if everyone would just leave me alone. I like to be by myself. My mother was that way. She had her own place in the house and when she got into her mood, she'd go there and none of the children were to perturb her. They won't let it be these days, so rather than be at my home with my little Henrietta I am here, forced to take up company. 
    It's such a shame. To separate a mother from her baby. They say it's for her own good, but who knows whats best for ones child better than the mother of that child. I know it may have seemed strange that tears flowed freely from my eyes since they brought her to my arms, but that just shows my love! How can a mother not grieve over the birth of their child. Pitiful thing. Born into such a dark, dark world. I almost wished I hadn't birthed her. Not because I don't love her, but because death is such a more noble achievement in this dark age. 
    I remember when they told me they were taking me away. They said I had become a threat to myself and to Henrietta. They said I could hurt myself and that I wasn't looking after the babe. Lies! All of it- lies! They don't know my heart, they don't understand my pain. I suppose no one can.

Written for The Mag


Thursday, January 3

Tender Mercies

When wind spins her ice cold fingers through my hair
I remember that I'm really not alone

And even though my pulsing heart has cooled, 

it hasn't yet turned into bitter stone

Dear Sun, will you rise again tomorrow?

I promise you, tomorrow I'll be good

If only I could feel your rays of sunshine,

then I'd know all will be again as it should 

The Frailty of Life

Where I now reside
There are no honeysuckle
Only time exists 

Appreciate now
Blooming, growing, living things
'fore thy time is cut

Consuming darkness
May come to envelope thee
No way to resolve