Saturday, December 15

Tragedy in Connecticut

How do we mourn a massacre? By tearing at our hair and clutching at our loved ones? How do we pay respect to the innocents? By decrying current policies and pointing and the demise of our society?
We shake our heads and furrow our brows, but tomorrow? What will we do tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and then, a week from tomorrow? Will there be a move to change our ways? The children will by then be buried. And as their lifeless bodies leave our peripheral, the angry thoughts, thoughts of confusion and anxiety, thoughts that could spark revolution- these thoughts will leave as well.

Guns will still be legal.
God will still be illegal.
And our grief will turn to more trivial matters- like burnt coffee or spilled milk.

Do not fool yourselves. It will take more than a moment of silence to change the tide. It will take more than pointing fingers and even more than tears. God help us all.

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