Wednesday, November 21


There are times I sit alone
and drink in
the silence of my apartment
many hours of many nights
are lost to a lonesome plight
but then
there's together
on the sofa
in the bed
like a single drop of water
to a land that's parched with thirst
our sentiments are joined in desperation
there is no need for talk
what thoughts travel through our minds?
let us sit until we coalesce
the night
is turning slowly
I feel the brink of dawn
here you are
my love
take this thing I hold before you
a window cannot stay open
all day long.


  1. The closing lines gave me a lot of thoughts .. got reminded of a dialogue from a show

    "I wait. Not forever"


  2. This reminds me of how if one does not give or do their part to (I want to say "feed" the love, but that sounds too simple.) nourish the love then somehow the love will end up being starved and wither away. I think this is why so many long distance relationships end. But then again sometimes too much love can smother a relationship. Somehow there must be a balance of love given and love taken between a couple. Sadly this balance is often skewed and there is one that takes more and no matter how much the other one gives until they have nothing left to give. Then everything explodes and changes happen, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the worse. I think we always wish for the best and it is nice when that happens.

    I like how your poem lets someone in on how it feels to go through this. It is not often that people share these thoughts. I would hope for the best for this person. It also has a lot of hope written in the poem. I like that too.

    Thanks for such a great together poem for this weeks Theme Thursday. Have a fantastic weekend.

    God bless.

  3. "A window cannot stay open all day long" - what an amazing poet you are, a marvelous writer. I love the idea you presented here, with so much melody and music in the words. Beautiful poem. I am following you now :-)