Thursday, November 15

The Calculus Teacher

           Trudy Pyrez adjusted her horn-rimmed glasses for the millionth time. She tugged down on her skirt slightly and pulled up on her blouse a bit. Why hadn’t she worn the trousers? Wasn’t a skirt too feminine and femininity a sign of weakness?
It was 8:02 and class began at 8:00 am sharp.  She turned the door handle to room 3-101 and walked to the front of the room setting her notebook on the wooden table. “Good morning. My name is Ms. Pyrez and I will be your calculus teacher this year.” Her voice was strong, betraying none of the fear that gnawed at her belly. 15 high school seniors, all male, stared back at her. “Let’s take attendance, shall we?”
There was some whispering and a few guffaws until finally, a husky ginger interrupted her attendance taking. “Miss, how old are you?”
Her face flashed red. “Twenty-two,” she shot back. More whispering and now—was that whistling?  Ms. Pyrez sighed, put down the class roster and reached into her notebook. Out came a lavender colored paper with faded writing. “Ok, everyone. Now listen up. Before we begin exploring the world of calculus I would like to see where everyone is with their math skills. Please take out a piece of paper and solve this equation.” She placed the paper under the document camera and projected it onto the board. The students groaned but got to work nonetheless.
Ms. Pyrez weaved her way through the room, hands clutched behind her back. A slight lilt adorned her step. She smiled to herself. Yes. This indeed has possibilities. 

Written for Theme Thursday


  1. Yay Ms. Pyrez - way to take control!

  2. I like how Ms. Pyrez saw the positive of possibilities instead of making for the door and running!

  3. Hi Charleen,

    I think the first time a new teacher enters the classroom has to be fairly scary for them. This is cool how she outsmarts the students. Nice story.

    Thanks for sharing this with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. There are a lot of endless possibilities for which direction this story can take. I think my brain is thinking of so many right now. Lot of fun.

    God bless.

  4. Hmmm... Miss has b...ravery aplenty! :-)

    Greetings from London.