Thursday, November 22


     There are so many reasons to celebrate life- a plethora of pleasant circumstances beg my appreciation. From the minuscule to the grandiose, everywhere I look is an occasion to give thanks. I thank God for my mere existence, and then I thank that He has blessed me with more than just the bare basics.
     My life feels like a fairy-tale. I am alive. I am well. I am loved. What more can I ask for? And yet, it is all there. I own my own car with working air and heater! My place of residence, sunny southwest Florida, is the envy of many. When I go to work each day, it is with enthusiasm and pleasure. Tell me what profession is more worthwhile than one in which you impact the life of a child? 
     Yes. There is much that gives me joy and much that I am thankful for. Now, on this reflection I pray that I may only pay it forward. That thanksgiving will not make me a stingy scrooge clinging tight to all my blessings, but that it will inspire in me the desire to give. 

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  1. Lovely post, sharing the joy and giving thanks. Two sacred activities!