Tuesday, October 30

Amorous pedestrians
Stroll the streets of Amsterdam 
Late in the afternoon

Oblivious lovers
Embrace loosely- but with passion
Under grey, dark skies

Carefree couple
Kiss each other's lips
For once and forever in this place and time

Written for 
The Mag

Sunday, October 28

The Willow Manor Ball

I am a little late, but then again, when am I not?
Let me just rustle my dress a bit to reassure myself of my beauty.

The Willor Manor Ball
Quite an affair.

And yet here I stand at the edge of the whole event

The music enraptures me
Carries my soul upward and away into a land of fantasy

But I'll just play with my mask
Fiddle with it, until the skin of my nose rubs red

Oh? But who is this?
This gallant who approaches me?

"My darling," he says, in a bass voice
"Have you had the wine?"

I kick him in the shin for being a drunk.
I'm going home.

The reality of tomorrow does not allow me to enjoy the escape provided by today.