Thursday, September 6

The Opportunities Granted by Faulty Electricity

Will I pull my hair out by the fist-fulls?
Or will I will I simply chomp on my red tongue?

It tempting to
give away into anger
When you feel like the whole worlds going wrong

I didn't stop
or hesitate
when all I saw
was you--
walking late

You walked past me,
(you always do)
so I thought
it was all through

But then came the flash

Flash! Flash! Flash!

And I had you in my hands!

Would I kiss you
or would I miss you?

Two seconds
too late

Would I kiss you
or would I miss you?

Written for Theme Thursday


  1. def feel the bit on the temptation to anger...but also the opportunities we take or we many each day you know...

  2. I would totally miss electricity and the sparkle in his eye. I like how you relate anger and love as such a close connective relationship. Would I kiss or would I miss, I think I would do both.

    Thanks for sharing such a great tempting poem. Happy Theme Thursday.

    God bless.

  3. Did you give in to your temptation? Not all temptations are sinful!

  4. I utterly enjoyed the twists and turns in your poem. I hope you did give in to temptation.... :)