Thursday, September 6

The Opportunities Granted by Faulty Electricity

Will I pull my hair out by the fist-fulls?
Or will I will I simply chomp on my red tongue?

It tempting to
give away into anger
When you feel like the whole worlds going wrong

I didn't stop
or hesitate
when all I saw
was you--
walking late

You walked past me,
(you always do)
so I thought
it was all through

But then came the flash

Flash! Flash! Flash!

And I had you in my hands!

Would I kiss you
or would I miss you?

Two seconds
too late

Would I kiss you
or would I miss you?

Written for Theme Thursday

Sunday, September 2

Summer Night

Summer Night, 1913, by Albert Bloch

Summer night
Stars are bright

Dreams are real
The cool air, feel

Stop and ponder
About life on yonder

We're all in bliss
About something mysterious

For The Mag